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  • 2008
    • December
      • Alaska pics 08
        Visited Alaska for xmas time! The pics are here...

        I'm glad I live in California where we don't have to deal with seasons. The change in scenery isn't worth the freezing temperatures, static cling and searing back pain.

        Overall, though, it was a very good trip.

      • Art Show 08
        Just added a link on shitpiece to the "art show" we put on at school. As you can see, it was a pretentious, ego stroking extravaganza for people who think they can see the world on more levels than you can.

        Oh and by the way, just for the record, my art piece means absolutely n

    • October
      • Sticky Links
        The snort now has stickable links for all those things too good to archive right away. If you have any other suggestions, let me know!

    • August
      • The Snort Fixed
        I've updated the coding of the snort to use an actual database rather than individual text files created on the fly via a script. What does this mean for you? The page loads faster and doesn't break anymore - yay! No cosmetic changes as of yet, but i'll probably add some features s

    • July
      • Fuck New York
        I just finished reading this article and was once again reminded of why I hate that festering shithole New York. How the hell could someone write such smug tripe addressing others as douchebags without realizing their own douchebaggery in the process? Of course, therein lies the definition of a Ne

    • February
      • Game Room - First Pics Up!
        By popular demand, added preliminary pics of the gameroom to the photo album today. It's still a work in progress and has a ways to go.

        None of the cartridges at the bottom are repeats of the boxes at the top and 99% the games inside the drawer are unique (i.e. very few duplicates).

      • Photo Albums
        Added a link to the photo albums section of the site. -->

        I didn't ask to be president of balloon doggies, the balloon doggies demanded it.

      • Two Girls, 1 Kup
        Shitpiece's files are now available. Just click the "Shitpiece's Files" link to the right (and ask your exalted leader bean for the login info).

        There is a glitch that doesn't allow the contents of directories to display which have spaces in the name. I'll


        ...and it has a blog! (oh my!)

        Fret not. While this is normally where you'd see multiple pages worth of self important, wrist cutting, only child, daddy left me screams for attention by an emotionally disturbed and mentally unstable bigot, you will get none of that tripe here.